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Climate & Capital Highlights from the NYSE

Collaboration helps unleash the creativity that drives innovation and entrepreneurship. Our 2022 climate event was held at one of the greatest symbols of innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  Formed in 1792, the exchange initially traded War Bonds issued to repay the debts of the Revolutionary War. It subsequently broadened the types of securities as the country’s infrastructure grew: “[s]tates and municipalities issued bonds to finance the construction of turnpikes, canals, and bridges. Banks, insurance companies and railroads issued stock to raise the necessary capital to develop and expand.” [1]

In this era of climate change, we again find ourselves in need of new infrastructure to mitigate and adapt to the many challenges we currently face. This can take a variety of forms: from renewable energy solutions to water efficiency to digital infrastructure that helps us share data and measure progress. To be successful, all of it requires funding and support at scale.

So, who better to partner with for our latest event than the NYSE and its owner, ICE? Together with FINTECH.TV, we convened multiple innovators from asset management, data providers, and philanthropy to share their perspectives and experiences in developing and implementing climate solutions.

Highlights from the sessions include:

  • * Why changes to the hydrological cycle are critical to understanding climate outcomes
  • * How climate datasets are evolving to include measures of inequality and climate justice
  • * The rising priority of climate change and net zero commitments in corporate engagements
  • * Why commodities are vital to the energy transition and where the opportunities lie
  • * Reasons for optimism even when our progress against big goals seems insufficient

Please make sure to check out the sessions that feature the Gitterman Asset Management team and representatives from the managers that make up our investment model offerings: AllianceBernstein, Federated Hermes, Green Alpha, KBI, Promethos Capital, Schroders, and Water Asset Management.



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