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News + Insights

ESG vs. Anti-ESG: Is There Any Common Ground?

As ESG has grown in prominence, its critics have grown in numbers. However, the ESG backlash, and related proposed state legislation, are now receiving pushback for creating “unintended consequences.” And, while the debate is getting… Read more »

Q2 2023 Market Update Webinar: July 25th @ 3:00 PM EST

Each quarter, Gitterman Asset Management’s Investment team, led by our Director of Investments, Jessica Skolnick, CFA, produces a quarterly market outlook to address the latest macroeconomic trends and sustainability issues facing investors and advisory firms… Read more »

Climate Change and the Insurance Markets

Since 2020, we’ve been discussing what we call The Great Repricing: the gap between the physical risk from climate change and the time it takes for the markets to price in this risk. As climate-related… Read more »