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News + Insights

ESG Data vs. Screening for Values

There is often a big disconnect when a client comes into an advisor’s office asking to invest based on their values and is then sold an ESG product.  At Gitterman, we believe it is important… Read more »

ESG: Product vs. Process

When evaluating ESG portfolios, a very important question to ask is if ESG data is being used as a process of evaluation, or is it being sold as a product?  ESG as a product refers… Read more »

November Monthly Commentary

“Let me say this. It is very premature to be thinking about pausing. So people, when they hear lags, they think about a pause. It is very premature, in my view, to be thinking about… Read more »

Gratitude & Perspective

Several years ago, following the release of the film Planetary, we embarked upon a journey to understand both how climate change impacts the capital markets and how the latter can also be a solution. At… Read more »