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Deep expertise in sustainable, impact and ESG investing

We bridge the gap between the RIA market and next-generation climate-focused investing.

Learn more about our team of recognized thought leaders and how we can help you invest for a more sustainable future.

Investment Committee

Elias S. Rauch, Co-Founding Partner

Elias S. Rauch

Co-Founding Partner

Jessica Skolnick, CFA, Director of Investments

Jessica Skolnick, CFA

Director of Investments

Adam Bernstein, ESG/Impact Analyst

Adam Bernstein

ESG/Impact Analyst

Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons, Investment Analyst

Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons

Investment Analyst

Business Development and Marketing

Penelope Jackson, Director of Business Development

Penelope Jackson

Director of Business Development

Danielle Grenier, Marketing Communications Specialist

Danielle Grenier

Marketing Communications Specialist

Andrew Appel, Creative Director - ESG / Impact Investing Services

Andrew Appel

Creative Director - ESG / Impact Investing Services