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Contribute Your Talents to Climate Solutions

Everyone and every organization can contribute something to the fight against climate change. That’s the message from Salesforce’s VP of Sustainability, Patrick Flynn.

With a solid foundation in corporate philanthropy, Salesforce has recently supercharged its impact potential by leveraging its core products and services to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Inadequate or inaccurate GHG emissions data are a key impediment to understanding the opportunities for reducing GHG footprints at the micro and macro levels. With its global ecosystem of customers and suppliers, and data modules, Salesforce has enhanced its platform to support emissions accounting at scale. By providing new tools, Salesforce is facilitating the capture of emissions data up and down the value chain, which, in turn, helps customers influence suppliers to take steps to make reductions.

Click here to watch Jeff’s conversation with Patrick Flynn and to learn more about Salesforce’s climate policies and software innovations.