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Launch of The Great Repricing Channel on

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I began sharing The Great Repricing concept last year, first by producing a conference and then a report that shared this title. I defined The Great Repricing then, and still define it now as:

a gap between the identification of specific, measurable climate risks and logical anticipated asset repricing.

While we can despair from the onslaught of climate risk news, there is also much to learn, along with opportunities to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. In my quest to explore this gap, I want to personally welcome you to our new channel on, also called The Great Repricing, where we review stories at the intersection of climate and capital.

In the inaugural episode with Felix Hermes, Head of Private Equity & Sustainable Infrastructure for BlueOrchard, we discuss the shift from climate mitigation to adaptation, the challenges, and opportunities for investing in this growing field, and why it is so important to focus on emerging and frontier markets.

Every week, I will be inviting financial advisors and industry professionals to discuss the latest news and developments in the world of climate finance. Whether you’re looking for ways to protect your client portfolios from environmental risks or seeking to better understand climate change, The Great Repricing is here, and I invite you to join me.

Check it out and let me know what’s on your mind, as we navigate the intersection of climate and capital.

Kind Regards,