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Mobilizing Systemic Change in Public Markets

Many people believe that impact investing can only be done in the private markets.  While creating measurable impact in the public markets may not be easy now, we are always looking for innovative ways to mobilize systemic change.  Rachel Robasciotti, Founder and CEO of Adasina Social Capital, together with a number of social justice organizations, have developed the Adasina Social Justice Investment Criteria, a data-driven set of standards that guides their investment strategies to reflect social justice values and advance progressive movements for change.1

“Social Justice movements are often early indicators of risk in public markets.”2
~Rachel Robasciotti

In this episode of TheIMPACT, learn how Adasina Social Capital approaches social justice using a combination of community sourced data and metrics along with a unique view on engagement to move the needle on social justice issues by changing investor, corporate, and government behavior.