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Refinitiv: Top ESG Trends for 2021

We are featured in Refinitiv’s latest publication of ESG trends. In it, Jeff reiterates his view that we are facing a significant repricing driven by climate change that will impact multiple asset classes. As always, we encourage advisors and investors to assess their portfolios for climate impact.

Featured insights and takeaways from other contributors include:

Circular economy practices are expected to gain more traction in 2021, which “represents a systemic shift in our current conceptualization of wealth generation and well-being.”

Corporate incentives will increasingly be linked to ESG metrics, or at least shareholder resolutions will increasingly make that ask.

Addressing racial inequality requires multiple solutions e.g., removing lending biases, improving board diversity, investing in managers of color, and venture capital funding.

Social indicators, in general, will gain more focus as “the pandemic continues to reveal the weak points of our societies.”

The full report is available here, but a shorter overview can be found here.

Finally, as Jeff states in the piece, “[we] have a tough road ahead, but we believe there are amazing feats along the way. Human potential is always in abundance.”