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The Essence of ESG and Climate Investing

In our conversations, experts who’ve been working in the ESG and climate investing industry for years often comment on how the level of information and new insights can be overwhelming.  Prioritizing time to learn can also be a challenge for a busy advisor.

Moreover, the trade-offs and complexities associated with mitigating and adapting to climate change should not be underestimated.  As an industry and as a global society, we are going to make mistakes along the way, as learning is a continual process.

In this week’s edition of The Great Repricing, Jeff offers a brief editorial speaking to what he feels is the essence of ESG and climate-focused investing, particularly in response to some of the political criticisms that we have been seeing recently in the media.  ESG, he argues, is not about choosing one political party’s values over another, but rather is about looking for value in the companies we are investing in within the ever-changing landscape and environment that we find ourselves: