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The Great Repricing: Financial Advice in the Age of Climate Change, September 9th and 10th at The Javits Center, New York City

How must the business of wealth management evolve in a hotter world? What do your clients need to know to plan for their futures? What do you need to know to help them make those plans?

Low-carbon index investments alone can’t de-risk a portfolio or provide sufficient exposure to solutions, and modern portfolio theory can’t simply diversify the problem away. However, this is not just about investment portfolios, although they are important. Long-term financial planning also considers property, insurance, consumer choices, health, and behavior change, all of which are, or will be, impacted by climate change.

As physical climate risks are manifesting across the globe, markets are waking up: International regulators are pressing for more and better disclosure; laggard companies are feeling the pressure from activist investors and stakeholder groups; and beyond carbon, the focus on natural capital and broader socio-economic impacts will lead to increasing costs for companies. The effects will be felt in numerous indirect and direct ways.

Meanwhile, innovations and solutions are taking hold: water technologies; high-and-low-tech carbon capture; developments in food and agriculture; and attempts to decarbonize key infrastructure inputs such as cement and aluminum. Much more can be done if capital is better incented to flow towards solutions.

2021 is a pivotal year for understanding the magnitude of the challenges and determining a path forward.  It’s a complicated world, but ignoring the complexity won’t make it go away.

Join us at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, September 9th-10th, and immerse yourself in two days of advisor-focused content on climate change impacts, climate risks, mitigation, and adaptation, all while enjoying inspiration and support from a fantastic community.

Full price tickets are $749, but our early bird is available for just $499 until August 15th!