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Driving capital towards a more sustainable future

We stand at the intersection of science and the capital markets, with access to the brightest minds on both sides. We are entering a future, that may not always be comprehensible through the lens of the past, with a deep willingness to explore and understand the risks and opportunities on the horizon and beyond.

Jeff Gitterman

Sustainable investing is rapidly evolving and attracting more capital than ever. Alongside an opportunity, financial advisors face the daunting challenge of making sense of the landscape to provide the solutions their clients seek.

Not so long ago, investing with a sustainability or social focus was accomplished primarily by removing stocks and even entire sectors from a portfolio. While this remains common, sustainable investment strategies are increasingly varied and ever more exciting. A focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics brings new data sources and innovative metrics to the fore. These enable portfolio managers to go beyond traditional financial measurements to help mitigate and solve our most urgent sustainability and social challenges.

Our SMART (Sustainability Metrics Applied to Risk Tolerance)® Investing Solutions were created with financial professionals in mind. Through our products, partnerships, education, and thought leadership we will help you navigate sustainable investing efficiently, while enjoying the process!

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Our Journey

We are an independent, SEC-registered advisory firm recognized as a sustainable investing leader. Our commitment to continuous learning and deep industry relationships allow us to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions. Our investment process prioritizes asset managers with sophisticated ESG integration approaches and/or thematic philosophies. We favor intentional managers, for example those engaging in active ownership through company engagement, proxy voting and other practices.

Our wealth management business was founded by Jeff Gitterman and Eli Rauch in 2010 to provide services to the higher education marketplace and high-net-worth individuals. In 2015, we launched SMART (Sustainability Metrics Applied to Risk Tolerance)® Investing Solutions to serve the broader advisor and institutional market. In 2020, we launched our SMART Climate Unified Managed Account (UMA), deepening our commitment to addressing sustainability challenges and opportunities, particularly mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Deep Expertise in Sustainable, Impact and ESG Investing:

Named “Thought Leader of the Year” by

Jeff Gitterman noted as an “ESG expert”
Financial Advisor Magazine

“Gitterman Wealth Management’s annual conference has become a big draw for anybody interested in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.”

ESG: The GPS of Investing®

Similar to a GPS system, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) topics can provide forward-looking guidance and real-time signals that help reduce risks, identify opportunities, and align portfolios with values.

We think about sustainable investing as progressive layers of opportunity, risk, impact, and values-based decisions:

  • ESG is the foundation. It is the data set of the GPS system that identifies issues that may increase or destroy value (e.g. lawsuits, stranded asset risk, human rights violations)
  • The next layer reflects personal preferences using screens that filter out certain stocks and sectors (e.g. fossil fuel, tobacco, weapons)
  • At the top is impact, which is the GPS destination. This is commonly defined as “investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return”*

*The Global Impact Investing Network

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Purpose and Partnership

We support financial professionals looking to scale their own sustainable investing practice in the following three ways:

Research Driven Investment Solutions:

  • ESG and climate data are core to our investment philosophy and process
  • We work with innovative managers, including those typically exclusive to institutional investors
  • We create core portfolio holdings available on multiple platforms

Innovative Partnerships and Practice Management:

  • We partner with world-class organizations to optimize portfolio delivery
  • We offer impact reporting to support client communication

Continuous Education and Thought Leadership:

  • Our advisor-focused educational events illuminate key trends and best practices
  • We are a co-Host of TheIMPACT TV, amplifying stories to share with your clients
  • Our proprietary whitepapers demystify climate-investing, ESG data and other sustainability topics

We have the team to help you successfully incorporate Sustainable, Impact, and ESG Investing Solutions into your practice.

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