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Why ESG is at a Turning Point – Barron’s

It’s time for advisors to “get off the sidelines” when it comes to ESG investing. The world has changed.  New data sets are needed to understand how investments may perform over the long-term. While myths… Read more »

PG&E: A Case for Active vs. Passive ESG Investing

The story surrounding California Public Utility Pacific Gas and Electric (NYSE: PCG) is a case study of the nuanced implications of different sustainable investing strategies.  PG&E filed for bankruptcy after estimating a $30 billion liability… Read more »

ESG 2.0: Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals

According to Triple Pundit, 38% of Fortune 500 companies have publicly espoused alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).3 These companies are integrating SDG-thinking into business strategy. Given that ESG investing and the Sustainable Development… Read more »

Active/ Passive/ SMART Beta…What’s the Deal?

According to an interesting article by Morningstar, titled “The Death of Active Management Has Been Exaggerated,” over the past three years, ending on April 30, 2017, passive funds grew by $1.57 trillion in total asset… Read more »