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News + Insights

Time-tested Experience in Water Investing

We are in the midst of a global water crisis, owing to climate change, irresponsible extraction, pollution, and lack of equitable access…[1] Less than 1% of the earth’s water is potable and global demand is… Read more »

Becoming a Climate Literate Financial Advisor

“Once mainstream market participants wake up to the risks and opportunities posed by the physical environment and our attempts to manage it, it will become one of the common lenses through which risk is evaluated.”… Read more »

Preventing Plastic Pollution

As the summer heats up, we are taking a virtual trip around the world to introduce you to select managers in our SMART Investing Solutions suite. One goal of our diligence process is to find… Read more »

ESG: Value, Values, or Both?

When the term “ESG” was coined back in 20041, the goal was to focus “on issues which have or could have a material impact on investment value” over “longer time-horizons (10 years and beyond) and… Read more »

A Climate of Big Questions

So much financial advice is predicated on caring for your future self. Your present self must resist temptations today to protect tomorrow. But it’s hard. Granted, some of us are naturally wired for saving and… Read more »

Contribute Your Talents to Climate Solutions

Everyone and every organization can contribute something to the fight against climate change. That’s the message from Salesforce’s VP of Sustainability, Patrick Flynn. With a solid foundation in corporate philanthropy, Salesforce has recently supercharged its… Read more »

Disruption on the Board

As we reported back in April, climate would be a significant theme in this year’s proxy season. Since then, Exxon now has three new board members nominated by activist hedge fund, Engine No.1 (initially, two… Read more »