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News + Insights

The Road Back to Paris and Beyond

The U.S. is now officially back in the Paris Agreement. Messages coming from the government on climate change are strongly worded, but it’s still early days in terms of tangible actions. As The New York Times noted,… Read more »

Refinitiv: Top ESG Trends for 2021

We are featured in Refinitiv’s latest publication of ESG trends. In it, Jeff reiterates his view that we are facing a significant repricing driven by climate change that will impact multiple asset classes. As always, we encourage… Read more »

Corporate Boards are Behind the Curve

While interest in sustainability and ESG is on the rise within the financial services and broader investor community, corporate boards are lagging. In a Harvard Business Review article, Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor for Business and Society… Read more »

ESG Trends for 2021 and Beyond

As one year closes and another starts, financial services firms memorialize their economic and market expectations for the upcoming year. Over the last few weeks, we’ve reviewed several papers and news items, and talked to… Read more »

Catalyzing a New Era of Climate Action

Despite an increasingly polarized political landscape, one area where there is bipartisan support for governmental intervention is climate change. A Pew Research survey in June of this year found that “a majority of U.S. adults… Read more »

Building a Values-Based Portfolio – Barron’s

Over the last several years, ESG data has become increasingly rich and sophisticated. However, the “S” has presented more challenges in terms of data as “social principles have gotten far less representation in portfolios than… Read more »

Climate Change Investing – Forbes

Evidence of climate change has been growing for decades, but as physical risks manifest with more frequency and potency, the markets are fast waking up to a vastly different future. Climate change will affect all… Read more »