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News + Insights

The Role of Advisors in the Great Climate Repricing

During our most recent RIA Channel ESG Playbook, David Callaway agreed with Jeff Gitterman that financial assets face repricing as climate change becomes better understood by the markets. The asset management industry is already adapting… Read more »

After the Earth Summit: Now What?

At the Earth Day summit, President Biden announced that, by 2030, the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% from 2005 levels and will double climate-related financial aid to developing countries by… Read more »

ESG Engagement – What Does it Mean?

Our March RIA Channel ESG Practice Playbook catalyzed several audience questions related to ESG engagement and divestment. Below are a couple of (slightly edited) questions we received: How can investors influence companies to be even… Read more »

Protecting Our Natural Resources

This Earth Day we’re encouraged by the proliferating commitments from financial services firms, regulators, policy makers, and corporations, in support of protecting and valuing the climate and natural ecosystems. Although there is much to be done, including… Read more »

The Economics of A Changing Climate

New York University School of Law recently conducted an expert survey on the economics of climate change.  Out of 738 PhD-level economists responding, 74% agreed that “immediate and drastic action is necessary.”  Respondents estimated that “economic damages… Read more »

The Great Repricing is Here

In last week’s ESG Practice Playbook, Jeff talked about the cascade of recent physical climate events and the legal and regulatory trends that are increasingly putting climate change considerations at the center of business and… Read more »

World Water Day: Investing in a Critical Resource

“When you need water, water is the only thing that will do.” ~Matt Diserio, President, Water Asset Management Climate change is increasingly disrupting the hydrological cycle, manifesting in increased flooding and droughts.  Alongside this, multiple… Read more »

ESG Is Here to Stay: Progress at the SEC

While the EU and other jurisdictions have been pressing ahead with ESG policy and regulations aimed at creating market clarity, the SEC has been way behind. However, recent developments demonstrate that a U.S. catch up… Read more »