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News + Insights

Pricing Down vs. Pricing Up

Over the long term, we believe that companies and assets facing significant climate risk will price down and those that offer solutions for decarbonization or adaptation will outperform. However, we expect a bumpy road ahead…. Read more »

Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition

Individual investor access to climate focused investments in the venture capital space is generally not so easy to find.  Footprint Coalition Ventures, founded by Jonathan Schulhof, Robert Downey Jr., and Steve Levin, is a sustainable… Read more »

Integrating Climate Science and Investing

An increasing number of asset managers are hiring climate scientists to do research, as it is very difficult to separate climate-focused investment strategies from climate risk science and data.  In this week’s edition of The… Read more »

The Essence of ESG and Climate Investing

In our conversations, experts who’ve been working in the ESG and climate investing industry for years often comment on how the level of information and new insights can be overwhelming.  Prioritizing time to learn can… Read more »

Assessing Brick & Mortar Carbon Footprints

Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual CO2 emissions. [1]  Despite being the #1 contributor to greenhouse and carbon emissions, the built environment is often overlooked as a significant contributor. In this segment of The Great… Read more »

The Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Many people are unaware of how the fashion industry connects to climate change.  Yet, it is estimated to account for a staggering 2 – 10% of global greenhouse emissions,1 as it touches so many aspects… Read more »

2022 RIA Channel ESG Practice Playbook

Please join us for two new installments of our ESG Practice Playbook series with RIA Channel, specifically designed to help financial advisors deepen their ESG knowledge and grow their practices.  This complimentary online series will focus on current… Read more »

Earth Day: Thoughts from the Past About the Future

The history of environmental education parallels Earth Day and the modern environmental movement. Evolving from the Nature Study and conservation education, environmental education formalized in the late 1960s and gained traction in the 1970s. Climate… Read more »

Thoughts on People, Planet, & Profit

Amy Domini, Founder and CEO of Domini Impact Investments, is widely viewed by many as one of the earliest sustainable and impact investing pioneers.  Amy recently sat down with Jeff on TheIMPACT to talk about… Read more »